Olaf Esna's antique shop

Pärnu´s “SEX” (Nikolai 8)
Malcom McClaren had his Sex boutique on the King’s Road, Chelsea. We have bibliophile Olaf Esna’s Antique Shop. As the century turned it was a place the punks could hang out in the warm and not get thrown out. Olaf helped customers find that copy of Noorus (Youth) they sought – the one with Villu Tamme staring out from the cover. His cave-like room is still a mess of books. Any sort of system or order – Dewey decimal or other – has no place here. Hanging over all is former theatre director Olaf’s menthol fag smoke, the Ekstras he puffed away on. Truly erudite and wise, he can immediately lay his
hands on any item in his shop. We remain amazed at this skill.
Museum of New Art
PVX music instrument shop

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